Friday, January 2, 2009

Patti Is Here!

Okay, I have the best friend in the world!! she gives that kick in the a** when I need it.. I am grateful that I have her!! We will be losing weight together and getting healthier in 09. We do not have a goal to be a size 8, I know for myself I would just like to be the size that I was when I got married, a 14..

Now about stamping, hmm, I keep busy with all the swaps that my dear friend has either started or has sent me too. I am a addict to swaps. (I wonder if they have stamping anonymous) I love my stamping, it is my therapy. I enjoy going up to my room to design a card and know when it is done, I did it!

1 comment:

Jen Z. said...

Don't even blame me for your swap addiction, young lady. It's your fault I'm in so many!! :)