Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dieting Stinks

Ugh, day five of the diet and I'm not doing that good. It's hard making the transition, but I'm not beating myself up over it. I did go to the grocery store tonight and pick up some good foods and it cost me fifty bucks (seven of which were for the extra virgin olive oil!) I was mad at first till i realized it usually costs me that much for a "quick" trip to the grocery store, but i'm usually buying junk. At least this time i bought food that was good for me. So tonight i had tuna salad on whole wheat, triscuit crackers, a wedge of cabbage, and a string cheese. And a Coke. Okay, i know. I should not have had the coke. I'm still adjusting!!

I haven't had much creative mojo for stamping lately, I think because my stamping room is such a mess. It's still a wreck from the Christmas wrapping and there's so much to still be cleaned up and put away. We're also remodeling our kitchen, which is messy and unkept right now. I've never been a real clean freak, but lately the messes are depressing me.

I have a bunch of swaps that I'm in (thanks to Patti!) and hopefully I'll get my mojo going to do them all. The weather has also been so crappy with freezing rain and then regular rain and then more freezing rain, and then snow. It just makes for a dangerous mess everywhere!

I'm off to bed, hopefully I'll be more motivated in the morning!

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Loretta Rodger said...

Good luck on your weight loss journey. Once you have taken the first steps the process gets easir!

I have blog candy!