Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my upline, Jessica, to take this challenge, and the picture was so fun, I had to take her up on it. The challenge was to post the sixth picture in the sixth folder in your picture files. So here's my picture:

This is my Mom sitting with a gorilla outside Rainforest Cafe in Atlantic City last year. We went on a bus trip together for the day, and I hope we do it again!! We had a blast. We just walked the boardwalk and gambled just a little bit (till we ran out of the money they gave back to us when we got off the bus!) but she won a hundred bucks in the process. She had this method: put in a five dollar bill and when you get up to a certain amount (say ten bucks) cash out and start over with another five dollar bill. ONLY put fives in the machine, nothing more. Now every time I see she has a five dollar bill I say "ooh, are we gonna gamble that?" :)

I don't really have anyone to tag, so unfortunately the game ends here (Jessica already tagged Trinity and I can't do a tag-back, ha ha). I just thought I'd share such a great picture. :)

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